In 2013, the filmmakers first learned of Tire Machèt  through the work of The Haitian Machete Fencing Project, which facilitates annual training programs with Professor Avril and his sons.

In May 2014, the filmmakers launched a Kickstarter campaign in part to finish the short film, but also in support of HMFP's effort to build a new home and training space for Professor Avril, as his former home was damaged in the earthquake of 2010. The effort to preserve Avril’s home and practice generated tremendous press, garnering stories from the Associated Press and Gawker. 

The campaign was successfully funded in June 2014, with 75% of the funds raised after taxes, fees, and rewards costs being allocated to the new home. Sadly, Professor Avril passed away in December of that year, but Tire Machèttraining still continues at the Avril property under the tutelage of his sons Roland and Jean-Paul.